Danish Fundamental Metrology


DFM is the Danish National Metrology Institute and one of the 7 GTS-institutes i Denmark. We possess the highest measurement competence in Denmark within a number of key measurement areas.

Our primary tasks as the National Metrology Institute are:

  • Development and maintenance of the Danish metrological infrastructure by realizing and disseminating traceability at the highest level.
  • Participation in the global metrology collaboration, eg in the development and utilization of the global SI unit system through research collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Development of measurement competencies of special importance for Danish companies and Danish authorities.
  • Participation in research projects in close collaboration with Danish universities and Danish industry.



DFM provides a wide range of services to private and public companies and authorities in areas related to metrology and accreditation. Every year we offer new and improved services, which are based on research in areas of fundamental metrology that are of particular importance to companies. In addition, companies gain access to traceable measurements and reference materials through the establishment and maintenance of national primary and reference standards. In order to ensure the quality and mutual recognition of calibration and testing performed in Denmark among Denmark’s international trading partners, DFM focuses on cooperation with laboratories, industry and authorities. DFM disseminates knowledge about metrology to companies and authorities, among other things through teaching and consulting services.


Read more about DFM at www.dfm-metrology.com

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